“Everything I have learnt about business was first learnt from the wild – trust, risk management, going that extra mile, dynamic teamwork, & honest communication. There is nothing like trying to light a fire or cross a river to force you to re-engage some left brain initiative and right brain ‘calm in the storm’” Bear Grylls.

These dynamic Catalonia Survival Weekend Team Building Courses can be tailor made to fit your corporation’s goals. Designed not only to test your team they are fun and exciting increasing team bonding in a memorable way.

Your team will be empowered by learning some core survival skills that not only may say their life one day but will help reinforce team cohesion.

Completing the Catalonia Survival Weekend for leadership training, team building or management can not only increase productivity with your employees but can also lead to long term profitability for your organization.

The course will not only encourage team work, but will produce a team of winners who will be better skilled to survive and achieve results in challenging situations. There is no doubt that results come from hard work, however serious profitability for your organization comes from working smarter, not harder!

The Catalonia Survival Weekend will provide your business with the ideal team building event to enable your staff and executives to learn to pull together and work more efficiently as a team. The valuable lessons learned can be taken back and used in the workplace.

This is a fantastic opportunity to really get to know your employees and co-workers away from the office and the distraction of modern technology.

Tea and coffee on arrival, all transport, food and equipment included


priorities of survival, navigation, foraging for food, water purification, shelter building, sleeping out in own shelters, fire lighting, night navigation, stalking, self-defense, river crossing (without getting wet), river run and lake crossing.

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